Lecture Notes – Class 6

Peter McCarthy, Air Force Academy Graduate, Southwest Airlines Captain
Leader in the Texas Health Freedom

Speaker Notes

  • There has been a historical role of grass roots advocacy; the average citizen perception of how government works breeds apathy.
  • Grassroots tools can defeat apathy
  • Training is a constant – for your grassroots team
  • Each Member/Office contact creates leverage
  • Need for relationships
  • Need for a plan to include a requested legislative action
  • Grassroots efforts should stay bipartisan (if possible)
  • Who does most of the work?  The unpaid leader works the most.  Volunteers do not seek to be overworked.
  • Course Outline and Readings –
  • Ethics Issues / Compliance  (Chapter 15-19 – Bickerstaff)
  • Developing credibility – why would a staffer or elected official listen to you?  Years of experience, professional background, command of both sides of issue, etc.
  • Legal implications of the 2003 redistricting and the criminal investigations and indictments that followed.
  • Defense Strategy and Prosecution Strategy

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