Lecture Notes – Class 4

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In-class assignment:

You are in the external affairs department at Valero; you have been asked to help select a new lobbyist to work in Austin, Texas during the legislative session and on other issues as needed.  List five or more factors you will use to assess candidates.

Sample Answers
1. Experience as a lobbyist
2. Knowledge of current legislative and regulatory leadership and landscape
3. Communication abilities
4. Knowledge of/ideas on messages that will resonate  with targeted legislators or regulators
5. Education
6. Overall track record and reputation as a lobbyist
7. Understanding of the political process to include fundraising
8.  Current activity in fundraising
9. Personal relationships with elected officials and appointed officials
10. Personal relationships with staff
11. Knowledge of the industry
12. Ability to think strategically and articulate goals of the client in a strategic context
13.  Ability to articulate messages and goals in a concise powerful fashion
14.  Willingness to subject his/her professional services to metrics
15.  Willingness to help create metrics to measure professional services.
16. Age and appearance

Mechanics of Lobbying (Chapter 3 Andres) (Chapter 5 Keith and Haag)

  • Know your audience – the importance of first impressions, their tendencies, turn-ons/offs.
  • Partisanship and its impact
  • Soft money versus hard money
  • (Chapter 4 – Bickerstaff)  “Electing the Right Republicans”
  • Independent Expenditures (Legal or Illegal Expenditures)
  • Understanding Human Nature – reading nonverbal expressions and listening.
  • Gathering information all of the time – keeping the pipeline following – posturing your on-going need
  • Timing on sharing information
  • Assuring information is valid
  • Avoid promises
  • Staying focused on the goal
  • Advocacy by walking around
  • Lobbying in America has fundamentally changed during the past 40 years but our understanding and perceptions of it still lag far behind.  Andres p 44
  • Lobbying, like politics, is always changing and transforming, but the velocity of that transformation shifted into mach speed in the late 1970s and 1980s.  Andres p 45.

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