Gary Andres conference call lecture on 9/11

Please note that the 9/11/08 lecture will be accessed via conference call. The featured speaker is Gary Andres, the author of Lobbying Reconsidered, one of the textbooks used in this course. If you would like the dial-in information for this class date (9/11/08), make your request by email to:

Gary Andres, Vice Chairman of Public Policy and Research at Dutko WorldwideGary Andres Bio

Serving as Vice Chairman of Public Policy and Research at Dutko Worldwide, Gary’s public opinion research and analysis is used by Staffers, Members of Congress, the Administration, and private entities on a regular basis.

His extensive writing career currently includes serving as a weekly columnist in the Washington Times, and regularly contributing to publications like the National Review, Weekly Standard, Real Clear Politics and Roll Call. He also writes a regular column for the Washington Times analyzing trends in survey research and public opinion, called The American Survey.

Gary regularly conducts and analyzes public policy polling projects for Dutko clients. Recent public policy victories on behalf of clients include a significant role in the development, passage, and continuing implementation of the Medicare Modernization Act.

Prior to joining the Dutko Worldwide in 1993, Gary’s career milestones include serving as Vice President for Washington Research at Prudential Securities, Executive Director of Federal Relations for Southwestern Bell Corp., and as Deputy Assistant for Legislative Affairs to President George H.W. Bush.

Gary’s long record of volunteer involvement in RNC and NRCC activities included a role in 2004 of the RNC in New York as a floor coordinator.

He earned his Ph.D. in Public Policy at the University of Illinois (Chicago).

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